Loki's Purpose In Prose Edda

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Loki's main purpose in Prose Edda is to be the main source of Ragnarok, the end of the world . Without him, Ragnarok would not have happened. Loki has three children known as Fenrir, Jormungand and Hel. They are instrumental on the final battle against the Aesir. Fenrir killed Odin, the father of all Gods and Jormungand killed the mighty God, Thor(Thury & Devinny, 2013). In the film, Loki's purpose was to instill chaos upon their world. He wanted to prove his worthiness to his adoptive father Odin, so he plotted against Thor and the whole Asgard. He even killed his true father just to prove his worthiness. I don't believe that he was meant to be evil, unfortunately, his jealousy against his brother Thor got the best of him.(Feige & Branagh,
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