Lola Diaz's 'Beli Dearest'

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Of all the characters that Diaz writes about, Lola is on the one with the most good luck, even though Lola has some bad luck moments in her life, Lola life turns out alright, it’s the people in her life that have the bad luck or fukú, so the fukú that surrounds her doesn’t attack Lola as bad as it attacks the people she loves, so Lola is more fukú adjacent. Lola early life does begin badly, Lola is sexually molested at age eight, and when she tells her mother Beli about the rape, her mother tells Lola to “shut her mouth and stop crying”. (53) But the most bad luck Lola has is her contentious relationship with her mother. Beli is the Dominican’s version of Joan Crawford, “Beli Dearest”. Beli is physically and mentally abusive to Lola. Beli
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