Lolita Character Analysis

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CONCLUSION In Vladimir Nabokov novel Lolita, the main character of the novel, Humbert Humbert, who was a literary scholar. He was a sexually disturbed man, who was working as an English teacher. His first love with Annabel, which was failed. Because, she was died for disease. So, he was fall in depressed mood. He had his first sexual encounter with her at the age of thirteen. He could forget the memories of Annabel. He affected psychologically. At the age of twelve, Annabel have sex with Humbert. So, when he sees the twelve year old girls, he want to possess them. Humbert mentally disturbed towards young girls. His first marriage life was not suitable to him. His first wife name Valeria, their marriage life was short time. She was not suitable to him sexually. She has an illegal connection with the Russian taxi driver. After, Humbert left her. Then he moves to U.S. There he rent a room from Charlotte Haze. First he was not interest in the appearance of the room. But when he saw, her twelve year old daughter at the time he decided to stay in the house. Humbert calls between the age of nine to fourteen year girls as “nymphets”. He saw Charlotte Haze daughter, named Doleres Haze. But he calls her as Dolly, Lo, Lolita. He is not interest on Charlotte Haze. Chalotte Haze was a widow woman, so she showed her interest towards Humbert. But, his interest towards Lolita only. Lolita remained
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