Lolita In Tehran Essay

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Abraham Lincoln has brought up the statement “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.” (Lincoln, brainyquote ). A subject that is typically debatable is whether freedom should be demanded upon or to be patient and to wait for the opportunity to be given freedom. In the texts, “I Have a Dream” by Martin Luther King Jr. addresses the issue of the lack of freedom and repeatedly creates statements in which persist the needed things for gaining freedom. Furthermore, “Lolita in Tehran” by Azar Nafisi, brings up anecdote in which shows the typical life of an Iranian woman. Moving on is the speech, “A Eulogy for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.” by Robert F. Kennedy, which dedicates the words and repeating the ideas of Martin Luther King Jr regarding the freedom movement. Taking a look at all of the events that has occurred in history regarding the obtainment of freedom, it appears that the best method of receiving freedom is to simply demand it. Being passive and continuing to hope that it will be given to you is not the way to go. Demanding is an absolute must, without it, freedom cannot be attained.
As stated beforehand, demanding is an absolute must. Having demand and control is absolutely essential for effect. Martin Luther King Jr
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Some may heavily insist that being given freedom is much more rewarding and is the way to go. The point remains, demanding and control are crucial for any impact to occur, otherwise there will be no changes to be made. Waiting and expecting to receive freedom out of the blue appears to be an irrational belief and will produce little to no results at all. Again, having to demand for things is important, that way the outcome is in better control, thus can help result in gaining freedom. Everyone must accept the fact that having to demand is the one and only way for situations to be changed and that waiting for it to be given is
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