Lolita Scene Analysis

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I have chosen the film Lolita as it is one of my favourites but also because every scene is eye catching and you can tell that thought has been put into all the little details yet everything is subtle. The particular scene I have chosen to analyse is the scene where Humbert sees Lolita for the first time. I think with regards to cinematography, lighting and miss-en-scene this scene has the most to write about. In the scene Charlotte, Lolitas mother, is showing Humbert around the house as he has just moved in. The scene starts with an establishing shot of the garden where at first you can just see a huge tree and a hint of the house. The camera then pans and you see the rest of the house and also Humbert and Charlotte. The first thing that strikes you about this scene is the colours. The only colours in this scene are greens and whites. The trees and the grass and a beautiful vibrant green and then everything else in shot is…show more content…
At first it starts at her feet and goes up to her head. This shot is replicating what Humbert is seeing through his eyes and following and observing her body the way that Humbert is. This back and forth makes us feel like we are in Humberts world where in that moment the only two people on Earth are him and Lolita. Throughout all of this Lolita is reading a magazine to which the camera does a close up shot of. We see that it is a magazine of young Hollywood actors and actresses. This shows Lolitas age as it’s very common for young people like her to be fascinated by Hollywood actors and actresses as a lot of young people want to be like them when they grow up. At the end of this scene there is a close up of Lolita where she turns and faces Humbert. When she sees him she smiles widely and reveals her braces, again this is reinforcing her age however this delights Humbert as when Lolita smiles at him it makes him smile to and his face lights
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