Londonderry High School Honor Council Essay

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Londonderry High School Honor Council The Londonderry High School Student Council is an organization that has been diligent in providing our school with the best service possible, entrusting roles of leadership to the student body in order to promote the development of college and career skills. We believe in the importance of self-directed action and individual initiative. We promote school spirit and pride on both the curricular and extra-curricular level. We are the representatives of every student in our school and strive to set an example of quality to be followed. It is our pleasure to serve everyone 's needs in both academic and community-based settings. All to ensure that the quality of their experience is augmented to its full potential.…show more content…
These events provide students with the opportunity to make independent decisions and display leadership. Whether it be opportunities for students to volunteer for Freshman Orientation or Parents Night or any other student council event, they display academic and life-skills that will be of good use to them in their futures. Our events have always been successful and those who have been involved have been nothing short of impressed with our services. The canned food drive is a very popular event that we hold at our school. The friendly competition that the event creates is what allows us to be able to donate thousands of canned goods to our local food pantry on an annual basis. Our activities incite fun competition and a sense of accomplishment for our members and students affiliated with us. This provides for us a very comfortable environment in which students can be themselves and do what they love. Our Student Council, aside from offering our own physical service to our school and community, also helps other organizations with their events. We are the go-to group in the building. If anyone needs help, our council is quick to happily and efficiently respond. Our members sacrifice hours upon hours of their time to help make the quality of the high school and community experience better for
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