Lone Ranger And Tonto Fistfight In Heaven Summary

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“Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven” Serious matters are usually addressed very seriously in many works of literature, but the times that they are not, authors use humor to reach their audience. Comedy is usually reserved for things that are funny yet Sherman Alexie successfully uses it in his day-to-day writing and has become an influential writer. In “Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven”, Alexie focuses on very serious themes, such as racism and domestic violence, he is able to explore these themes by using humor. Alexie believes that he can speak to any audience of any political persuasion because he has the ability to make people laugh. Sherman Alexie’s literatures are almost always based on the Native American people and…show more content…
Alexie’s major themes in his stories are big and tough to talk about but he uses wit to speak to all people. The problems that Alexie talks about can span from racial inequality to lack of options and opportunities in the Native American community. There are many reasons as to why an author would choose to use comedic aspects in his or hers writing. One major reason is it keeps the mood light, and even as the story/poem gets heavy, there is a lightness to it. Another reason is humor can often heal old wounds. Alexie may not have faced these problems that caused these wounds himself but the pain and suffering might have been passed down through generations from his ancestors. Joseph L. Coulombe agrees, “ [Alexie] uses humor—or his characters use humor—to reveal injustice, protect self-esteem, heal wounds and create bonds.“(Coulombe). Alexie’s entertaining characters helps rebuild the Native American community from past and present wrongdoings, change perceptions, and inspire others in his community to improve their lives by not allowing stereotypes to limit their growth. Alexie’s humor can be looked at as unwelcoming in his stories and poems, because his work are focused on such controversial topics like alcoholism, and isolation which is talked about in “Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven.” Many people see Sherman Alexie as a man that mocks his own people and culture, but some say that when a…show more content…
It was almost a way of trapping the reading to continue reading. Alexie’s humor to get his readers and maybe some of his critics to better value and understand other groups beside their own. Laughing together about something in common makes the reader see that they are not all that different from any other human. “When we laugh, we join together in a largely affirmative, entirely human response to an often unfair world…. Laughter is the great unifier and it has the ability to lift us beyond many racial tensions and cultural conflicts (Coulombe). It takes practice, skill, and talent for an author to accomplish using humor correctly and effectively in their writing. Sherman Alexie is an amazing writer, using an element of surprise with humor that makes a reader want to know more about his work. Alexie uses humor to discover more about his themes for readers. The author believes that by using this strategy in his writing, he can get more people to become acceptable to others and understand what happened to the people of the Native American
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