Lone Survivor Character Analysis

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One fact about Navy seals is that they are trained to survive you can put them in an hostile area with just a knife and a piece of rope and they will come back alive in full condition. In the movie “lone survivor”, a US navy seal known as Marcus Luttrell finds himself alone in the mountains of Afghanistan fighting for his life against the taliban group of terrorist. He must survive to return back home to his family and country. In the movie “The Hunger Games” twenty-four teenagers are drawn from a jar to represent their district to get supplies for their district because they are in poverty .If chosen you must have to go fight in an arena you must be the last one to win survival is key. A young teenager named Katniss Everdeen is chosen…show more content…
In the movie lone survivor four Navy seals go out on a recon mission to go gather intel on a village with taliban and suddenly everything turns south and a whole army of taliban find out they are there and get confronted by them and they are forced to fight in a gun battle against each other with no satellite to communicate with their base for reinforcements because they are stranded and highly out numbered one brave man named Michael Murphy says he will go to the top of the hill to get a signal. As he is getting the signal he is shot and killed on top of that hill. After Murphy is shot and killed the other two die from being shot there is one left. Marcus is left alone with no ammo and no water nor food he walks over twenty fives miles of walking he finally finds help at a village that has a signal and calls his base and gets picked up and goes home alive. Katniss everdeen has to compete in the hunger games to help out her family and district because they are in poverty. She survives in the hunger games by use her surrounds by using stone and wood she would combine those two things to use as a weapon, but that is not the only thing she used to survive. She also got sponsored by people that would send her care packages like little stuff she needed in order to survive, Katniss also teamed up with someone from her district named Peta to survive by helping each other and watching
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