Lone Survivor In The Odyssey

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Odysseus- Lone Survivor The Trojan War is over, many boats full of men set off to Ithaca, where they meet their destruction. Yet one man pulls through and reaches home. Odysseus, the highly admirable hero from The Odyssey, told by Homer and translated and put onto paper by Robert Fitzgerald. The Odyssey is about a hero named Odysseus, who goes on a long, hard journey, where admiration starts to take place. He makes you feel like he is an admirable person because he is loved, shrewd, and assertive. Odysseus is undyingly loved by Argus and Penelope, his dog and wife. Odysseus left for approximately twenty years, but Argus stayed alive for that long just to see and hear his master. “But death and darkness in this instant closed/the eyes of Argus, who had seen his master, / Odysseus after twenty years.”(1206-1208). These lines show how Argus loves Odysseus so much, he lived twenty human years, just for one last glimpse and sound of his master. Penelope fights a long, hard battle of staying loyal to her beloved husband. “Now from his breast into his eyes the ache / of longing mounted and he wept at last, / his dear wife clear and faithful, in his…show more content…
Odysseus tricked a Cyclops into thinking Odysseus’s name was Nohbdy, which was a clever trick. “‘Cyclops / you ask my honorable name? Remember/the gift you promised me, and I shall tell you. / My name is Nohbdy; mother, father, and friends, / everyone calls me Nohbdy.”(113-116). Odysseus successfully tricked the Cyclops, which helped him escape from the man-eating giant. Later on, Odysseus had to take on the suitors tormenting his wife. He told his son this: “‘Round up all the armor, lances, gear of war / left in our hall, and stow the lot away / back in the vaulted storeroom!”(1136-1138). The reason he said this, was so when he and his wife killed the suitors, they couldn’t fight back. Being shrewd is to be clever, and being clever is extremely
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