Lone Survivor

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The film I chose to review this week for journal six was Lone Survivor. The plot of the movie follows four Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, Michael Murphy, Danny Dietz, and Matt Axelson, on a mission to kill a notorious Taliban leader, Ahmad Shah. The ultimate goal of the operation was to dispose of the target, Shah. Gathering intel on the enemy was imperative for a successful assignment, but provided complications for the men. In a particular scene, the team is spotted by an elderly man and a group of teenage boys herding goats. After a quick debate, the SEALs free the herders. However, before the team can turn back, they are discovered by Taliban soldiers. The team finds themselves under attack and overrun by Taliban forces. Although the SEALs killed many enemy fighters, the men were still greatly outnumbered. After a hard-fought battle, all SEAL members but one, Luttrell, are killed in action. Marcus Luttrell escapes death by seeking refuge in a small body of water. A local man, Mohammad Gulab, discovers Luttrell and returns to his village with the injured American. Gulab sends word to a nearby…show more content…
The story explains the plot and puts the events in sequential order and adds details. The story gives an explanation of how and why the events took place. Brotherhood and honor are central themes throughout Lone Survivor. The movie begins with a voiceover explaining the drive of a Navy SEAL as medics work on a dying Marcus Luttrell. In the following scenes, the viewer is introduced to Luttrell and his fellow SEAL team five days prior while the men bond at their base. These scenes are vital to the story as they depict the strong brotherhood between the soldiers. As the film unfolds, the SEALs face days of harshness and brutality. The men are forced to make decisions that will impact their remaining days. Despite injuries to themselves, the friends remain loyal to their mission, their country, and to each
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