Lone Survivor Summary

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Lone Survivor

In this story there are Four main characters and they are, Mark Wahlburg playing Marcus Luttrell, Taylor Kitsch playing Michael Murphy, Emile Hirsch playing Danny Dietz, and Ben Foster playing Matt “Axe” Axelton. These four navy seals were ordered to a mission in Afghanistan to take out Taliban leader Ahmad Shah. Once they arrived to their destination they realized that there quick mission became a war between the four Navy seals and the Taliban army.

Once they realized they were up for a fight they tried to call the office back at their camp and could not get the phone to get clear service. In this time they are fighting off the people they can handle and they keep coming by the pack.

During this war they are calling trying to get service and still couldn’t get a clear phone call through until Michael Murphy puts his life on the line to call
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Marcus put the gun down and let the man get him out of the water but then the Taliban voices were heard again, and Marcus panicked to get away quick as possible and the man knew that the Taliban were out for him.

The man and the kid drug Marcus to there bed and doctored his cuts and bullet holes while the others were outside waiting on the Taliban. Not long after that the Taliban come to the camps and searched all around for Marcus and couldn’t find him until one soldier was suspicious and ended up finding Marcus laid up in the bed bleeding.

The soldier hollered out saying that he found him and Ahmad Shah and his soldier came into the room and drug him to a log they had outside of the house and laid Marcus’s head across it. They have decapitated some of the villages members on the same log but this time the village people were going to stand up and not let it happen again.

The same man that helps Marcus get to the village fired shots in the air as soon as Ahmad Shah was putting the knife to Marcus’s neck, and told them to step back or they would die but the Taliban army refused to back
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