Lone Survivor Themes

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The book Star wars Dawn of the Jedi into the void is a very interesting book written by Tim lebbon, the genre of this book is fiction set before the old republic was established. The overall theme of the book is never to hunger for power or it will come back to hurt you in the long run . Lanoree Brock is a Je’daii Ranger born on the planet of Tython and at a early age she became a je’daii ranger. Her brother was thought to be dead a few years ago and had betrayed the je’daii order. Lanoree was then tasked with a mission given to her by the Je’daii council to find her brother Dal on kalimahr where his group the stargazers were located. Dal sacrificed many people's lives just for him to get more power and find new planets, “ all those people…show more content…
The overall theme of the book is sometimes miracles happen. Marcus in the start of the book explains how he ended up being part of seal team 10 and how hard he worked. He was sent on an operation called operation Redwing, the objective of this mission was to kill or capture any taliban members they encountered. Many days had gone by and on a night on june 2005 the team came across 3 shepherds one was only a child the team was debating to kill the shepherds or let them run away, they chose to let them live but then a few hours later they were getting surrounded by many taliban soldiers. Marcus was surrounded by taliban soldiers and their was a hill that was very large and the only choice he had was to jump off the hill or get shot, “ I was too battered to hurt, and I could still see my rifle tumbling down beside me. That rifle never strayed more than two feet from my hand throughout this death-defying fall. And I’ll always know it was guided by the hand of god.” (page 216 paragraph 2 Marcus Luttrell) This book was a very intense book with a lot of sad deaths and a lot of courage from the soldiers and is the best book out of the three I read with a lot of strong words in them as well. People who would like this book are people who like books that are sad and have a lot of action in them
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