Loneliness Among Divorced Women

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Loneliness among Divorced and Widowed Women: A comparative study of Hindus and Muslims

Sariya Khan1, Tauqeer Iqbal2
1Research Scholar, Department of Psychology, A.M.U., Aligarh, India
2Research Scholar, Department of Psychology, A.M.U., Aligarh, India
Email: sariyasultankhan89@yahoo.in

For a woman, losing a spouse either to death or separation, affects her mentally and emotionally leading to feelings of loneliness and many more. The physical presence of one’s better-half gets completely lost and this affects women in many ways. The overall purpose of the present study is to comprehend the phenomenon of divorce and widowhood in Indian context and examine its impact on loneliness among women belonging to Hindu and Muslim community.
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On the other hand, if for any reason she is not staying with her husband or she loses her spouse to death, even then instead of sympathy the society holds her responsible for the misfortune. This society where women are worshipped in the names of Goddesses on one hand, while on the other it is said that paradise is under her feet, are kept out of religious ceremonies the reason being that they don’t have a man by their side.…show more content…
It is mostly women who post-divorce undergo the feelings of loneliness, depression and social rejection. Recent data shows that this scenario is fast changing and divorce rates are on an increase in India. A survey shows that over the past four years, the divorce rate in Delhi has almost doubled. Metro cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, and Chennai are also showing similar trends. Kerala, known to be the state with the highest literacy levels has experienced an increase of divorce rate by 350% in the last 10 years 8. Women post-divorce tend to get less support from family and friends when compared with men in the similar situation. Most of the serious economic problems faced by women with children in India are caused by marital disruptions. Studies on separated, divorced and deserted women show the continuing difficulties these women face in providing food, clothing and shelter for themselves and their children and also how they live at a bare subsistence level (Choudhary,

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