Loneliness And Companionship In Jiles News Of The World

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The feeling of loneliness is detrimental to a person’s health, increasing the risk of death by 26%. In Jiles’ novel News of the World, loneliness and companionship is a theme shown throughout. Loneliness and companionship are shown through Captain Kidd and Johanna as they are each other’s companion in the novel. Annoyed at the presence of Johanna in the beginning, the relationship between her and the Captain evolves and shows how powerful companionship can be. Jefferson Kidd is a former Army Captain who fought in two wars and a widower that enjoys his solitary life. He travels alone doing what he loves, but he can’t avoid the natural desire of having a companion. It is possible he took the job of taking Johanna to San Antonio for the purpose of having someone with him while he travels. At first, the captain is annoyed at her presence and her rebellious attitude. As the story carries on, their friendship strengthens as they begin to work as a team. The Captain also begins to teach her English to serve a way for better communication. It is clear that they are getting comfortable at each other’s presence. The evolvement in their friendship also reveals some of their characteristics. For example, the Captain proves to be a genuinely nice man who wants the best for Johanna. Johanna shows that she is willing to warm up to someone after a while. Their…show more content…
At the age of six, her parents and sister were killed my Kiowa raiders and then raised her as her own. She was removed from her home again when she was rescued by the army, only adding to the loneliness she has experienced. These experiences at a young age may have led to the rebellious behavior she was showing when being taught to act civilized. Her relationship with the Captain had a slow start, refusing to follow anything the Captain says. However, she begins to connect with the captain, possibly seeing him as a father
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