Loneliness In Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio

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of strawberries in a day.” (Anderson 2) However, his hands is the cause of his downfall to his now bitter, lonely life. According to Dr. Ali Mohammed Segar “Anderson 's major work is Winesburg, Ohio.” It is also considered his great book of loneliness; it has an artistic unity not possessed by any of his other works, partly because of this central theme linking the stories, and partly through the character of Wing. Wing grows into maturity by discovering his own loneliness and that of the people around him. Anderson 's early stress in the book is on the isolation which his characters experienced in the small town mid – West America.” Most importantly, Wing’s hands symbolize his isolation him being lonely and his trapped feeling in life. A next symbolization that Anderson shows in the story of how Wing feeling trapped and isolated because of his hands is, sexuality. According to Andrew Corey Yerkes from "Strange Fevers, Burning Within”: The Neurology of Winesburg, Ohio “Anderson at his word, we can reconsider Winesburg, Ohio as an exploration of the neurological basis of consciousness. Although it was written during a period in which culture was emphasized, in many disciplines, as the most important determinant of human consciousness, Winesburg, Ohio—with its grotesque, its meditations on the unsuitability of the human mind for the conditions of modernity, and sexuality, and the involuntary impulses of its characters—gestures at the physical components of the brain that create consciousness.” Homosexuality wasn’t nearly a thing back then in the early 1900 hundreds. It wasn’t unusual, as if it didn’t exist. But yet, Anderson doesn’t make it…show more content…
Sherwood Anderson 's short story, “Hands,” shows a vast transition in Wing’s life from being adored school teacher, to his now present life, as a berry picker, because of the associations against him. Anderson shows the great transition of him being isolated and lonely through symbolization of his
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