Lonely Broken Lion Summary

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Loken: Lonely Broken Lion Project ID 618539-Xlibris Written by: Ashley Broadway Copyright 2014 Children’s Book About the book: The story is set in the heart of the jungle, where there is a lost, lonely, broken lion named Loken. This lion has not had the easiest life, and has seen many hard times with is father. Loken is a different lion; he has the strength of many lions; but the heart of a lamb. He is looking all over for a friend that understands him, and can handle is unique behavior. Along the way Loken gets in to a series of ill-fated events, and some funny scenarios. Loken proves in the end never give up on your friends and always hope for a brighter tomorrow. About the author: An enthusiastic storyteller, who has overcome many…show more content…
Oh, if any one saw him be so delicate and fragile, they would make fun of him, and tell jokes about him. Lions are supposed to be big and rough that was not true for Loken. He stayed deep in the forest, so no one would know that Loken protects all the smaller creatures he loved so much. Loken found a good place to curl in to watch the lightning bugs dance. A yellow green blur of lights danced in front of his eyes for hours, until he fell asleep. Morning came there was a beautiful little blue bird sitting on a branch next to Loken, in a lovely sing-song the little bird says, “Good Morning Loken, I love you.” “Roarrrrrr…Love you too.” The little bird chirps, “See love is all around us, it does not matter if you are a lion, a little bird, or a lady bug walking by, we all love each other.” Loken chimes “That’s right as long as I do all things in love, then I know I’m doing it right.” Loken sat along time and thought about this, and how he could put this into his life. He thought to himself I must respect all creatures, and love all creatures. I will give back to nature the way nature has given to me.Loken looked up at the little blue bird and says, “I feel I need to make some friends, they do not have to be lions. I have good friends, like you blue…show more content…
He became tired so they decided to stop by a tree to get some fruit Loken found some dandelions to eat. The friends sat and rested in silence for a while; when done eating Loken looked at Abebi and said, “Abebi if it was not for you, I would not be here. “You saved me from that trap.” Abebi wiped some fruit juice from his fury little lips and tells Loken. “Not really, that human opened your door. You saved me from falling from the Papaya tree, and ran away from that human. You could have hurt that human; why didn’t you?” Abebi asked Loken. “I have so much love for every creature, and every creature is perfectly made. I do not want to harm any living thing. I know what it is like to be afraid; I do not want to make another being feel fear. We should love each other; we are love; all in all I believe that everyone is perfect and true. No matter if you are a blue butterfly or a human being….Love each other, and treat each other right, that will make the jungle sounder at night.” Abebi thought about what Loken had said. Abebi agreed with Loken and finished his fruit. Now after a very strange day, and some time reflecting on the adventures that the day had brought to them. What will the future bring for these two unique talented friends, only the jungle knows; but whatever it is Loken and Abebi will face it as best friends. Now they both decided to climb into there sleeping holes, and curl up to watch the lightning bugs dance them
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