Lonely Potato Short Story

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Lonely Potato was waiting in line at the nutrient store with his bags of soil then he smelled a beautiful smell. It smelled like fresh earthworm perfume so Lonely Potato followed the smell to an old shed in the back of the store as he peeked in he saw something horrible, something terrible… potato chips! He stepped away from the horror, but the smell was so good! He wanted to eat the potato chips so badly but he knew it was cannibalism. Then at that very moment some anonymous potato shoveled a new batch of fresh steaming chips! Lonely Potato could not resist and, since he was so lonely, he thought what do I have to lose? So he looked behind his back, once, twice, three time with no one behind him. Lonely Potato cautiously stepped in…show more content…
How he was caught is an interesting tale indeed, one day he was hacking away at all of the people at a crowded fair when his master came to and told him to stop, which, he did but at that very moment he was tased by the police, handcuffed and thrown in a spudmobile. As the spudmobile drove away he saw that his master was only a hologram. Later on he was put in jail with a larger, uglier potato who was later lead away to be executed. Then when another came after a tall policeman with a grey mustache he realized that he was going to be led away for execution. 2-3-17 In the courtroom there was a tall burly man with a black hood and the biggest vegetable blender you have ever seen loly potato was trembling with fear his legs felt like jelly and he dreamed of his spud-mobile he left so long ago. He thought to himself, why me. Why me?! The burly potato grabbed him and threw him into the blender the sharp blade cut him slightly on the side. Lonely potato started to scream as he closed the lid of the vegetable blender.
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