Long Beach Crime Lab Case Study

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The location of the crime lab was surprising because one what not think the crime lab of Long Beach would be there. It was funny to here the location was only going to be a tempera location for the Long Beach Lab, but many years later the lab is still there. But, the size of the building and the small group of employees seem to work well. If the crime lab was able to have a bigger building or a new location than they might be able to process more evidence. But, that would require more funding which the city might not have. Listening to everyone talk about their jobs, showed educated they were in the field. Also, how much they care of the job they are doing in the crime lab on a daily basic. Hearing about the different stages of what happen to the evidence which come through the lab, was what I was looking forward to learning about. To have the evidence brought in from the crime since, then it is signed into the database, then it goes to the correct lab where it is process. Each lab in the office works on one area and that is all the employees’ work on.…show more content…
What equipment they had to use and what evidence they could process onsite. Also what evidence which gets sent to the LA crime lab, were they have more equipment to process the evidence. They only had a handful of employees who had one area they worked on and they solely work in that area. Each person in the lab had to be able to lift fingerprints, and collect evidence. But, then they only focus on one part of the evidence. It was also surprise how small, the lab was and the location of

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