Long Beach Desalination Research Paper

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Desalination is the process through which dissolved minerals and salts are eliminated from water, including seawater, saline water, brine water and brackish water. Through desalination, the water that was not suitable for drinking is converted into potable water. The popularity of desalination has continued to increase over the years due to rapid increase in global population and water demand, environmental changes such as frequent droughts, land encroachment, among other human activities. Conventional methods of desalination were only focused on eliminating salts from seawater but newer technologies have made it possible to desalinate even other wastewater containing impurities including salty groundwater, rivers, industrial effluents, etc. (Kellyn Betts, 2004)
Technology has been an important factor in scaling up desalination process to meet various treatment design plants. The major concern has been to develop cost-effective methods of desalination so as to provide quality water even in areas that have limited access to the fresh water. Therefore
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It discusses how newer technology has been applied to improve the reverse osmosis process, by making it more efficient and cost-effective and increasing its capacity, than conventional reverse osmosis processes. From the economic analysis provided in the article, the new reverse osmosis process will increase the quality of the water (because a set of two membranes, each with ability to remove at least 90% of salts, arranged in series will be used), the amount of water treated and supplied will be increased, and the cost of energy required to push the water through the membranes will be reduced (because the plant’s design requires less pressure). Therefore new technologies can be used to increase the capacity of desalination plants, and reduce energy consumption and other associated

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