Long Break Research Paper

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Students in schools around the U.S are being affected by the loss of the amount of study time received during summer vacation. This hurts their education drastically. Although you may not see the results in the first couple of days, you may see them in the long run. In order to increase student success at Anaheim, schools need to be more disciplined and organized on their students. Schools should give students a protocol or procedure to follow before and during school. In Marita’s Bargain Gladwell, he explains that “The students walk quietly down the hallways in single file. In the classroom, they are taught to turn and address anyone talking to them in a protocol known as SSLANT: smile, sit up, listen, ask questions, nod when being spoken…show more content…
But they don’t see the difference. Giving students easy work makes the students feel like they are smart, but in reality, it is just the easy work being given to them. Student success an Anaheim schools can be changed by giving difficult work to students to allow them to learn. In Raising Smart Kids, Dweck states that “Giving students easy work makes them feel smart once being given hard work they give up on learning” (24). Teachers are giving students easy work to make them feel proud of their grade. Easy work isn’t going to change the student 's mindset. This will just make it harder for the student to learn new things, difficult things, as in this case they would want to give up and not try. Dweck also states, “Kids need to be given hard problems, instead of being rewarded for easy problems” (22). Difficult work is what needs to be given to students to help them learn and the process of making mistakes. Students need to know that making mistakes is sometimes ok. Teachers need to know that it is ok to give students difficult work. This is to the best of their ability to learn. Giving them easy work would cause a lack of knowledge and would be difficult for the children later in the future. Hard work is for the better of the
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