Long Division Algorithm

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1.2 Background to the problem
Learners are exposed to different kinds of methods when dividing numbers for example using the invented method, but however long division is regarded as the standard algorithm or traditional algorithm when dividing numbers in mathematics (Beckmann. 2011). When I was teaching this particular topic of long division in mathematics and what I had observed in school environment learners mostly complain, moreover claim not to understand how the long division standard algorithm works when they are busy with dividing numbers and asked to divide more than two digit numbers. This topic takes up much of the time for learners to master the concept of division using the standard algorithm. I spent more time teaching long
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What approaches do teachers use to teach long division method? What are the reactions of the learners? What prevents learners understanding the concept of long division? Which approaches can be used to teach long division to make learners understand? How can the learners follow the correct steps to use long division? What difficulties learners experience with long division?
1.4 Significance of the study
The main aim of the study is to make teachers aware why learners find it difficult to learn long division and how to teach long division. It will also assist teachers to use different approaches to teach the standard algorithm that will promote understanding among learners. Teachers will be guided to discover learners’ weakness when using the long division standard algorithm when solving division problems.
1.5 Limitations
Initially there is not much report on why it is difficult for learners to learn how to use long division standard algorithm to divide numbers, and how teachers can teach long division to make learners
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It has been found however that several students struggle to use the algorithm correctly, and those who do, many perform the correct steps without relating the taught procedure to the concept of division or their daily experiences of sharing and grouping” (P.1827). In the Namibian concepts this particular method is also used in schools when learners are being taught division in mathematics, most specifically when dividing a four digit number by a two digit number it will be conveniently use long division method to get the correct answer to find either the quotient or the

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