Long Journey To California

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Sometimes people have to go on really long car rides or have been on a boat for a long time, and everyone hates it. Well the people who were traveling to California for the gold rush had to be on a boat or a wagon for a really long period of time. A Lot of people who went to California ended up leaving empty handed. The people who chose to take the long journey to California had to face a lot of challenges along the way like the long travel there, or whether they traveled by land or sea.
It takes a long time to get to a destination by a car but the people traveling to California had a super long trip by wagon. “ this long trail lead prospectors on a four month long trip across the country.” (McGill 9) This quote is explaining that these people didn 't just have a 4 hour drive to get to their destination like modern day, they had a super long four-month trip. Another reason why it took the people such a long time to get to
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Sometimes people go out on boats or own boats for fun and realize that if these people go out on the water it takes up the whole day to do so. That 's exactly what the foreigners didn 't realize when they left for California on a boat. “ Others left the east coast by boat and sailed all the way around the tip of South Africa to get to California,” ( McGill 9) This quote is explaining that the people got really bored or felt that is was taking way too long to get there and tried to sail a different way so that they would get there quicker and that they wanted to find gold for their families. Another reason why these people took a boat to get to California is because of their location. This means that if these people went by wagon it would have taken them like six or seven months to get there because of where they lived. The last reason why they took a boat is because the people were very eager to get there so all of them really didn 't care how the people got there, all of them just wanted to find gold to take home and make their families
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