Long Live Langston Hughes Analysis

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The Power of Art
¨Trumpeter of Lenox and 7th / through Jesse B. Semple,/ you simply celebrated Blues and Bebop / and beling black before / it was considered hip.¨ (Wesley Boone). Although the poems ¨Long Live Langston¨ by Wesley Boone, and ¨The weary Blues¨ by Langston Hughes were written in different time periods and with different purposes, the poems show similarities such as using similar figurative language to express an idea, and differences such as communicating different themes. Here are some examples of the similarities and differences shown throughout the poems.

To begin with, in the poems ¨Long Live Langston¨ by Wesley Boone, and ¨The Weary Blues¨ by Langston Hughes, the authors include similes in their work, which helps the reader understand the similarities between the poems. One example of a simile in Wesley´s poem is, ¨You
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Both authors use figurative language in a similar way because they both include similes in their poems. Wesley uses a simile to compare Langston Hughes’s poetry to a flute to help the reader understand he communicated a message to people during the Harlem Renaissance. In the same way, Langston Hughes uses a simile to express the black man was singing “Like a musical fool” meaning he was letting out all of his emotions while singing the song. The difference established between the poems is the theme, Wesley is communicating the theme that Langston Hughes should be honored and respected for communicating a message during the Harlem Renaissance, unlike Langston Hughes who establishes the message that music can express feelings. These poems make an impact on the reader because the use of similes and the powerful themes leave the strong message that art, whether it is in the form of poetry or music, can express powerful feelings and
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