Long Term Acute Care

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Acute Care- It is an illness that needs an immediate care. Laboratories exams are essential for the patient diagnostic. Depending on the patient’s severity, he/she will be frequently monitored by an experienced nurse. For example, if a patient’s is attended at the hospital after a car accident and the medical staff realizes that the patient has lost conscious and is bleeding severely. This is a situation where an immediate care is obligatory. Doctors and nurses will work together visioning the patient wellbeing and fully recovery. Long- Term acute care- It is an illness that has been controlled and an apt nurse is needed to take care of patient’s symptoms and needs. This type of care not only requires a skilled professional, but a life support that the individual might need because of his/ her mental and/or physical impairment. For example, someone has been accepted at the hospital for being…show more content…
Soon after the patient is treated he/she will be sent home. It can be illustrated with this scenario, a person goes to a medical facility feeling difficult to breathe, after the nursing’s trial the physician sees the patient and diagnostic that he/she has rhinitis allergies due to climate change, so the physician gives a shot to relieve and decongest the patient. Few minutes later the patient is feeling better and ready to go home. Home Care- Care providers go to a family house and offer some type of care, make sure that medical treatment has been followed. Check medications and axialite family members on how to properly take care of the person in need. The major goal is to provide good care for the patient and independence, besides of stimulating family self-care. The Home Care of Hope LLC in Bossier city is an example of Home Care where aspiring health care students and people willing to help others
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