Long-Term Care: A Case Study

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The proposed program will address the needs of minorities 65 and older at the time the program is implemented. Those taking part in the program would not loose any of the health benefits they are receiving from Medicaid under the current SSI health benefits insurance program. As well the person or persons must prove that they cannot afford to reside in a traditional long term care facility, such as a nursing home or assisted living, without incurring out of pocket cost. To be eligible, the individuals must be African American, U.S. citizen, reside in the state of Mississippi, and have a median $650 SSI income. As well they are not required to liquidate there asset’s and must reapply every year to reevaluate their eligibility. The goal of the proposed program is to make amendments to the current Medicare part C health insurance program, which under the current design addresses long- term care for a limited amount of time, such as for rehabilitation purposes and can not…show more content…
Therefore we propose to amend this portion of the program to extend the financial assistance for long-term care to include home care, which consist of recipients being able to reside in the comforts of there own home, or with relatives, and the relatives be compensated for the care of their loved ones. We propose it will take a budget of 200,000 dollars a year to provide this supplemental assistance. The strengths of the proposed posed program is that it provides income for a sector of the population, while also addressing the needs of the elderly that have been disenfranchised under the current policy and are in need of

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