Long Term Care Reflection

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The last three clinical weeks at the Long Term Care Facility have provided me with real life situations to enforce the SILC clinical skills and improve my therapeutic communication. This experience has helped shaped me as a professional by allowing me to develop essential skills that contribute to the holistic care of nursing. A significant improvement that I developed following this experience included my assessment skills during every resident interaction. During these resident encounters, I began to address the resident’s overall well-being and comfort rather than just the current problem. I started incorporating questions about pain, how the resident slept at night, their current mood, and many other questions addressing the resident’s status as a whole.…show more content…
Additionally, this experience helped me to develop effective therapeutic communication techniques and enforce skills to provide enhanced care for the resident. An improvement that I would make for next semester is to improve my execution and time management while performing tasks. I intend to perform skills with greater confidence and improve my overall interactions with the patients, families, and health care workers. Improving these interactions will benefit in the overall comfort of the patient and improve the care that I will provide to them. Overall, this Long Term Care experience provided me with the necessary fundamental skills practice and critical thinking development that will be utilized in the following semesters and throughout my nursing

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