Long Term Career Goals

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What are your long-term career goals?
I’m in search of the American dream. I have only worked in entry level positions and I feel like I can be more. An education will afford me the right to be seen as a respected professional. An education will help me foster the American dream. What is my American dream? I would argue that its everyone’s dream. I dream of a roof, a running car, a solid table with food, a wife and kids, a safe neighborhood, a stable job, and health. Happiness is what I’m in search for. Happiness is something you have to fight for and I’m up for the fight.
I want a career where I can sustain myself and a family. I put in endless hours doing homework, as a computer science major in order to have sustainable skills. I am no stranger to working in libraries as they provide a quiet learning environment. Every day including Saturdays and Sundays I put in effort, for the peace of mind that comes from knowing that I’m on track to be a skilled worker that can’t be replaced by a machine. I have little to no time for myself, so that in the future I can have worry free, free time to pursue pastimes and hobbies. My community lacks higher education and suffers from a scarcity of good role models. In my future, I hope for the opportunity and time to help advance
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I need a degree to be prepared and to work with high level technology. Colorado State University has one of the best computer science programs in the state. The average starting salary for CSU computer science majors is approximately $65,000 per year. The University looks very attractive and produces great students. A great student, has success as their highest priority. CSU stands out, it’s nice to have a University that shares those views and has results to prove it. The dedicated computer science building, experienced professors, tools, and hardware the University offers are a great package that prepare students for the
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