Long Term Career Goals

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Where do I want to be? Develop a career plan is very important to everyone because it give a sense of direction and leading to work towards final goal. Therefore, objectives are needed to guide the career path. There are short and long term career objective which short term career objective is the immediate goal while the long term career objective is the goal attempt to achieve after few years. However, my short term career objective is to finish my undergraduate degree in Human Resource Development with honours on time while my long term objective is to own and operate a coffee shop. In my career path, working hour, location and working environment are important to me. Working hour is important to me because I want to have a stable work life in the future. I want to best use of my time while flexible working hours enable me to commit on my personal commitment during the off hour without any interrupt from workplace issues. Other than that, I also can spent the time together with my family. The location also cannot too far from my home. This is because the relationship is important to me. When the location is too far, the opportunity to meet with my family is decreased. This will pull me apart from my family. Moreover, far distance require more energy and transport fees. Besides, workplace environment also very important to me. It is important for me to work at a safe and good condition workplace. Working at convenience situation can ensure that my wellbeing are

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