Long-Term Career Goals

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As a former product management executive and co-founder of a startup, I persist in my long-term career goal to establish a high-tech company that provides innovative solutions to people’s problems. After earning my MBA, I plan to work as product manager for eminent high-tech firms such as Cisco for three to five years to gain practical experience and to make my long-term dream more realistic.
When I was an undergraduate student in 2001, I introduced an O2O platform that successfully connected tutors with students looking to hire them. I am proud of this experience, not only because it was commercially successful, but also because it represented the use of technology to solve problems. After graduation, I donated this system to the university. It was at that time I decided to dedicate my life toward my career dream.
To further my career goals, I obtained a master’s degree in engineering and PMP certification and
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Pragmatically, MBA is a relay between my status and my career path, equipping me with the business skills or resources I need but not possess now, providing me with the job opportunities in the top company, and bring me a step further toward my career goal. Yet, it is not just so, I am expecting more far-reaching experience in my MBA study. Through preparing the application for MBA, I can make thorough self-reflection from my past, and have a lucid outlook toward my future life. Through experiencing the diversified culture, I can free my mind from the conformity and be more creative. Through exposing myself in the global markets, I will become more sophisticated about the global market trends. What the MBA provides me is not just the key to my career but also the prism that allow me to see clearly every spectrum in my
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