Long Term Causes Of The Great War

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Long-Term causes of the Great war. Major causes of “The Great War/WWI” consist of four Long-Term causes and one Short-Term cause. It is called M.A.I.N.A, they are Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, Nationalism and Assassination. These all played significant role in Reasons why WWI began. Each cause well be defined, and shown as a Long-Term or Short-Term cause.
Militarism- Militarism was a Long-Term cause of WWI; Due to the length of time it takes to build its military to the strength necessary to wage a major war.
Alliances- Alliances are seen as a Long-Term cause of WWI. Due to the secret alliances created by between two nations, who have secretly agreed to help one another. *(These Alliances take time to develop; thus, they are Long-Term
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