Long-Term Effects Of Alcohol And Its Effects On The Brain

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1. The 3 types of alcohol that I choose my fictitious student to drink were regular beer, distilled hard liquor, and red wine. My fictitious student drinks 6 regular beers per week, adding up to 894 calories per week, 4,470 calories per month, and 53,640 calories per year. They also drink 3 distilled hard liquor 1.0oz shots per week, adding up to 195 calories per week, 975 calories per month, and 11,700 calories per year. Lastly, my fictitious student drinks 4 glasses of red wine per week, adding up to 320 calories per week, 1,600 calories per month, and 19,200 calories per year. On a monthly basis the student adds 2 pounds of fat for consuming 7,045 calories in alcohol. On a yearly basis the student will gain 24 pounds of fat for consuming 84,540 calories in alcohol.

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A. The organ I choose to analyze was the brain. The main way alcohol affects the brain is by affecting the chemical messengers that control emotions and behaviors. Alcohol also affects memory retention and energy levels. The long-term effects of alcohol on the brain are really dangerous. Long-term alcohol abuse on the brain can affect the ability to control states of mind, sleeping habits, and your memory. Liver disease caused by the toxicity of alcohol will also affect the brain by allowing toxic amounts of substances to enter the brain causing fatal disorders. Consuming alcohol while pregnant will increase the chances of a fetus being born with learning disabilities or problems interacting with other

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