Long-Term Effects Of Bullying

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Long-term effects of bullying

Bullying is an ongoing dilemma that we face in todays society. It can be defined as one being intimidated, or victimized when an individual is exposed numerously over an extended period of time, to negative actions of seemingly more powerful individuals. The scholarly article The long-term effects of being bullied or a bully in adolescence on externalizing and internalizing mental health problems in adulthood, explains the long term effects bullying can have on an individual. Bullying is common in the adolescent years, whether you are the victim or the aggressor. According to this article, up to 35% of adolescents globally report to being bullied during their lifetime, and 32% report to bullying others. There
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These symptoms typically reflect the behaviors and actions directed towards other people. The symptoms often include aggression, anger, conduct problems and even criminal behavior. Someone who takes part in bullying is more likely to commit violent actions. One who is a bully during their adolescent years also often experiences these externalizing symptoms into adulthood. Some studies have shown that victims and aggressors are prone to substance abuse, and having antisocial personalities later in adulthood. Bullying also can cause numerous long term psychosocial impairments.These include impairment with mental and physical health, school functioning, and peer relations. Those involved in bullying repeatedly experience poor academic performance, and issues with conduct especially in school. Academic environments are frequently where the bullying takes place. Victims of bullying often have a decline in school performance due to the effects of anxiety and depression. Victims and bullies both have trouble with developing peer relations. Anyone who takes part in bullying,whether it be voluntary or involuntary will usually have poor social relationships in their adulthood years. Despite any way it may be viewed bullying only has negative effects and aftermath. There aren 't any constructive or positive outcomes of bullying. Individuals involved in bullying have long term complications throughout their lives. Both victims and bullies themselves are more susceptible to having countless mental health impairments. These issues that one faces, carry on with them from their adolescence years into later
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