Long Term Effects Of Bullying Research Paper

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The long terms effects of bullying can be damaging to a child or adolescent. Children who learn they are able to get away with aggression and violence will continue to do so in adulthood (“What are the Effects of Bullying?”). Long term effects of bullying include: difficulty in putting trust in others, self-esteem issues, increased tendency to want to be alone, and seeing one’s self as being victimized, thin-skinned, and overly sensitive (“The Long Term Effects of Bullying”). Children who bully or even children that are bullied can be aggressive towards their spouse or child in adulthood (“Effects of Bullying”). Those who bully are more likely to have convictions and violations as adults (“Effects of Bullying”). Children that are bullied may feel threatened and want to leave school to stay away from their peers. …show more content…

Children who are bullied may find it difficult in adulthood to be their own person, because they were broken down and humiliated when they were younger. If children have early exposure to being bullied or being the instigator of the bullying they will find it harder to transition into adulthood. You do not have to be physically harmed to have long term effects (“The Long Term Effects of Bullying”). The experience of being bullied, using words, can have a lasting effect that is similar to being bullied physically. If a child is taught by peers or even others making an impact on their life that they are an incapable or desirable individual, then they become more susceptible long term depression, anxiety, and can even want to end their life (“The Long Term Effects of

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