Long Term Effects Of Punk Essay

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As punk was becoming a popular genre and becoming a scene in America, it was looked down upon by people and perceived as a negative thing. At the time that punk was coming to America, we were at war and people were very opposed to it and it influenced some of the music. The trigger point to punk becoming a huge scene was the influx of music and new genres coming from England during the 1970’s and the popularity of it among young people. Punk first affected groups of people by giving them an outlet or an excuse to be the way they were. The long term effect of punk was the new branches of punk created and the new ideas about music and what you could put in music. Punk had a significant impact on people and music during this time. Punk was first largely introduced in England in the 1960’s and then came to America and became a larger scene during the 1970’s. At first, punk wasn’t considered a real genre and it wasn 't’ acceptable music for the youth to listen to. It took years for punk to be considered at real music genre. As time progressed during the 70’s, punk became a larger and larger scene and became a very popular scene to be a part of if you wanted to be yourself. Many groups of people flocked towards punk because it gave them the right to be who they wanted to…show more content…
Bands like the Ramones, influenced the punk genre and many bands today are influenced by them. While in the beginning of the punk scene there were only a few subgenres of punk, now there are over 20 different subgenres and more will surely come along. People today are more accepting of the punk culture and actually accept punk as a genre of music, unlike when it was first coming to America. Punk also impacted the daily life, fashion, languages, and attitudes of the people today and then. It is so intertwined into life and popular culture today because of how impactful and influential it was in the
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