My Goals In College

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As you get closer and closer to your senior year of college there are a few things that you need to starting thinking about. One major thing that you need to focus on is your goals during and after your college period. You need to have a plan for your short-term goals, mid-term goals, and long-term goals. Why do we need these goals? Because they keep us on track for something that we wish to accomplish, they motivate us to help us push ourselves to the limit, it’s what keeps us fundamentally on track. I am going to talk about my three goals that I have set for myself. Since this should go in chronological order I’ll start with my short-term goals. So the short term goals that I want to accomplish are within a three to six-month period. My…show more content…
Mid-term goals usually have a timeline span from six months to two years. My mid-term goals are to excel at the job that I get hired at, learn new things there and develop new skills. I would also like to create my own business while I work so that I have a steady income from my job while trying to make money on the side as an entrepreneur. How am I going to accomplish these goals well if I am hired at a company I would definitely learn things there and I would try to learn material on my own too so I would have more knowledge on what I will be working on. Not to mention the one thing people make mistakes at is not asking questions or the right questions. I would definitely ask questions about my projects that I would be on and the right ones of course based on the project. How would I create my own business, well I am actually in the process of potentially starting a startup company with my coworker. We have decided on the idea and how we are going to go about it. The necessary steps now are to establish a company and getting clients. My timeline for exceling at a future job would depend on when I get that job. But I would say about six months after I get the job I would want to be exceling in what I do. As for creating the startup company that might require a timeline of six months to a one year depending on how busy I will be working full time. To be honest I am not sure of what obstacles I might face at a future job, it’s really hard to say but I guess the most common obstacles would be the teammates that I will be part of. I know it doesn’t sound like an obstacle but it is since some people don’t get along with others and communication could be bad. I know creating the startup will have many challenges, I think the hardest will be to get people to notice us. Marketing will be a challenge, giving our customers trust will be a challenge. There will be many challenges. To overcome my
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