Long Term Hospital Career Goals

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My purpose statement is to become a health care manager at a private hospital or clinic and be able to plan and direct the health services there, as well as to be able to assist my coworkers whenever they need help with their questions and concerns about their job. My personal goal is to be able to communicate better with people. My academic goal is to get my bachelor’s degree in health service administration at the University of Central Florida. Lastly, my career goal is to become a health service manager in Orlando, Florida at a private clinic or hospital. My long term personal goal is to be able to communicate better with people within one year. Firstly, I could go to public speaking or communication workshops or seminars, I could try…show more content…
For my first two years for my short term goal, I would sign up for my classes, join study groups. After, for the last two years for my intermediate goal I would then take tests and then receive my degree. Getting this degree would be beneficial to me because with it I could then get a proper job and be one step closer to become a health service manager so that I could help my…show more content…
My short term goals for the first two years are to do an internship in a related field as an administrator and also to work for a company as an administrator. For my intermediate goal which is the last two years, would be to work as an assistant manager then become promoted into the manager field. This goal is extremely important to me because I want to be able to provide for myself and future family and also I would prove to myself that I am able to accomplish anything once I put my mind to it. Also, since my purpose is to become and health service manager, I would then accomplish the first part and then be able to help others around me. Just watching on television all these famous people or even persons who have their own car companies, for example, makes me wonder to myself, saying things like I wish once day I am able to be as successful as them. I also tell myself I wish I could be able to think of new ideas that would interest people. This goal applies to one of my assessment results which is achiever, by allowing myself in each year to accomplish a goal and by doing that it would encourage me for to realize how important the long term main goal is to me. An obstacle that could interfere with my career goal would be the competition among others for the management position. The solutions I would suggest for the management position
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