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“Quitting leads to much less happiness in life than perseverance and hope.” (Page 117) -Salva Dut In Sudan the water is the hardest thing to get, imagine you going to walk 5 miles to get a 45lb water jug then put on your head and walk another 5 mile all the way back home but the water in jug is full of insects and bacteria that can make you sick or even death after while the natural water will dry up so you and your family have to move with it and you walk again for miles they hope to find water and they won’t get killed by humans or animals. Salva is changing this cycle of moving with the water by raising money for them but he could not have done it if he was not a water follower himself and his story shows how he has become a leader. A Long Walk To Water is by: Linda Sue Park it is about Salva Dut a Dinka who has hope that he will find his family that he lost during an ambush he runs away and finds a group his journey build up his leadership role in the group. He was the leader of the “lost boys of Sudan”. He inspires people that if you believe, you can do it. This part of the story takes place in 1980’s. Nya is a Historic fictional character she is set in the 2000’s and is a Nuer. Her job is to watch siblings and get water for the family. She is scared of the Dinka…show more content…
If you don’t have hope you will not even come close succeeding but if just try you will know if you did fail you failed trying to survive. If you have hope if you have hope you have strength to try again if you try enough times you might achieve it giving you more hope this was the cycle if Salva’s feelings in this book ups and downs. If you and everybody else in the world had as much as an ounce of his hope and strength the world be a better place. So be like Salva and make the world a better place. You can be hero like Salva if you donate to his organization that makes wells for the tribes in
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