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Have you even had to walk for hundreds of miles with little food, water and help? Salva, a character from Linda Sue Park’s novel; A Long Walk to Water, had to. Salva had to persevere, work hard and use the little relationships had had the survive as one of the Lost Boys of Sudan. In this book Salva survives his first few challenges because of hard work. In this book, after Salva joins a group of refugees he was left behind by this group because they believed he was too small/weak to travel. As a result He grows closer to an older woman ‘Auntie’ and works to not burden her. On page 17 of the book it states “Salva stayed in the woman’s barn again that night...water from the pond.”, this shows how mature Salva truly is as he refuses to cause…show more content…
One example appears as he walks through the dreaded desert, he stubs his toe and his toenail falls off, immediately his Uncle shows up and helps him get through the desert bit by bit. The text states “...Salva feel a little better. When they reached the bushes, Uncle pointed out a clump of rocks up ahead and told Salva to walk as as the rocks.”(54). This shows that Salva is strong and with someone by his side he will can fight through harsh conditions. Another example comes from his friend Buksa, Park describes this situation like “Buksa’s smile was even bigger now. ‘You see that?’ He pointed up at the branches of the tree. ‘Beehive. A fine large one.’”(25). This shows that although Salva is sad he tries to keep his mind off things by making new people that he can relate to. And as quote states Buksa helps him find a honey nest which helps keep him from starving to death. Lastly subsequently befriending Marial, Marial gets tragically eaten by a lion. When this happens Salva, scared, tries to stay with his Uncle in hopes he’ll be safe. As the text states, “Listening to Uncle, hurrying to stay close to him, Salva was able to make his feet move despite the cold terror throughout his whole body.”(41). This means that Salva does not fret much about what happened and becomes more focused on with own
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