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In the novel A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park, the main character Salva survives many challenges due to his relationships, perseverance, and luck. Salva is at school when the civil war between Sudan and Southern Sudan reaches his village, and Salva is forced to run away, and to become a refugee. He befriends other refugees along the way, and he survives, regardless of all the challenges he is faced with.
Salva’s relationships with other people along the way helped him to survive. Salva was left behind in a barn alone, and he befriended an older woman and helps out with chores. He sleeps ‘in the woman’s barn again that night...he fetched...water from the pond.’ (17-18) This shows how mature Salva truly is as he refrains from causing the
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Page 101 states that Salva’s father was in a clinic in Southern Sudan, and when Salva found out, he ‘immediately began planning to travel to Sudan...Salva, and Chris and Louise as well, spent hours on the phone to various agencies and offices. It took not days or weeks but months before all the plans were in place.’ This means that Salva follows through with things that he wants to accomplish. “[A]fter so many years in the camps, Salva could understand what Michael was trying to say. One day after the morning meal, Michael spoke to Salva. “You seem interested in learning English,” he said. “How’d you like to learn to read?”’ (86) This shows that Salva is a very hardworking person and that he tries to accomplish things that would benefit him, and even if he doesn’t speak English he is willing to learn. From pages 80 to 82, we learn that the refugee camp it says that ‘Salva made up his mind. He would walk south to Kenya… crowds of other boys followed him. Nobody talked about it, but by the end of the first day Salva had become the leader of a group of about fifteen hundred boys.’ This explains how Salva doesn’t panic and think irrationally about situations like the Itang refugee camp closing, and when he decides to walk to Kenya, he follows through and helps three-fourths of the group arrive in Kenya safely. Obviously, Salva’s determination and hard work helps him get through the factors
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