Longer School Days

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Imagine walking into a school in which many students are exhausted, some students are sleeping, while others are staring blankly. Now imagine another school where the students are vigorous and excited. The second set of students attend a school in which the school hours are short. Many public schools today are rewriting how many hours students spend in school. Shorter as well as longer school days are being debated across the country. Although, shorter hours do pose some issues, there are many benefits. Public education should rethink how long students spend in school because students are overloaded, tired, and are not eager to learn. To start with, longer school hours causes students to be overloaded. After all, a student could have a hard…show more content…
The article “The Disadvantages of Longer School Days” it mentioned “When students are too tired or mentally exhausted to concentrate, the last hour of the day becomes useless” (Tucker, 2). Longer school days result in lack of attention and sleepiness, making the extra class time ineffective and pointless. Not to mention, students who are tired may fall asleep in class and do not participate. They can cause a disruption and affect the other students’ learning. If a student is tired, they may not get the full amount of education they should be receiving. Therefore, the extra class time is pointless. Finally, students who are exhausted will not find the motivation to get up and go to school. Students who are tired may not find the desire to head to class. This may affect the student’s learning and overall school experience. Negative thoughts towards school can also affect the student’s…show more content…
First of all, in the article “Benefits of a Longer School Day“ the text states “Instead of narrowing the school curriculum to focus on reading and math, the new school day opens up the range of subjects students study and get exposure to” ( Goldstien, 3 ). Students may not want to participate in the new activities and might even find it irritating.The longer hours could even cut back on the precious time parents should spend with their kids. Secondly, opponents insist that longer hours increases test scores and help students academically. Not all students will benefit from this as many may become stressed or overwhelmed. This could actually make their test scores lower instead of raising them. Lastly, people who are for longer school hours claim that extra time spent in class will make the student well-rounded. A student cannot become well-rounded if they spend most of their lives in a classroom being told how to think. Students need time out of school to think creatively and come up with their own ideas. As a result of longer school hours, students are overloaded, tired, and are not eager to learn. No doubt there are multiple advantages and disadvantages to shorter school days, but shorter hours are more beneficial than harmful. Remember the story of the two schools, the tired and unfocused one, and the one with eager students. These two different
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