Longer School Days Research Paper

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Many students each day go home and have a great deal of homework to complete. Many children and teenagers say that this is the root of a stressful problem. With longer school days, students will improve their performance on class work and then there will be no homework to cope with their stressful problem. Not only will the children be less stressful, but spending more time at school will be better for the child’s academic performance. Longer days will provide child supervision, a better education, and time do more work in the classroom. With a longer school day, children will have time to do work in the classroom and less time to do work at home. This will relieve their stress because because then, they will have more time to do work in class and will receive a general understanding…show more content…
This means that there is less time for students to be getting in trouble doing activities with their friends, taking a weight off their parent’s shoulder. If your situation is that you do not know where to drop your child off, their would be multiple teachers taking care of your child. Your child will be in good hands during the longer school day. Therefore, longer school days can save parent’s minds of where their children have been. Moreover, children will have a better education due to the more hours they will have learning in school. Their education will be put to good use and will help later on in life. When they will get accepted to a good college, they will thank the longer school day for that. Although many people believe that a longer school day will lead to more taxes, the parents will be putting their money to good use as they can see that their children are becoming smarter due to the longer days. In conclusion, a longer school day will improve the student’s learning ability. They will be safe and smart at school. With a longer school day, this will benefit for the
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