Longer Weekends Persuasive Essay

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Debate essay
Ask anyone and I’m pretty sure they would tell you they want longer weekends. Students start looking forward to 3pm on Friday the minute their alarm wakes them up on Monday morning. Weekends are opportunities for students to let go of stress and to focus on the activities they enjoy. Some people just want longer weekends because they’re too lazy or busy. Longer weekends would make school more and exciting for students because it would give them more opportunities for self-directed work.
If Friday was dissolved into the weekend and the week was shortened to a Monday through Thursday schedule, there would be more time for students to work independently on projects and get something out of their school work. Too often, I see students having to
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The current week is constricting to the point of being counterproductive. Weekends should be longer for three reasons as to why weekends should be longer is that people have work that they can finish on the weekends that they can 't on the weekdays. Teachers need to grade lots of papers, and it takes them the whole weekend to do so. They need a day off. Students have things to do on the weekends. They need to finish homework, do assignments, and do chores. They need a day off as well. lengthening the weekends is so that you can only have parties one day of the week! You can 't have parties on Sunday, because then any Christian friends that you invite will be very offended. You can 't have parties on the weekdays, because that is when all the children have school and can 't come. That only leaves Saturday, and that is inconvenient what with all the other things that took the only day with open space.
Next for lengthening the weekends is so that kids can spend more time outside. You cant really go outside on the weekdays with all the work because there is no free time for them to leave the house and go
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