Loni Renea Spaulding: A Short Story

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Our story begins in, 1897, Corvallis, MT, freshman year. Loni Renea Spaulding,Renea we called her. Her life was not as complicated to begin with. She was a simple student. C - D average. One Thursday, she caught sight of Jason Hammons. Don’t let me fool you, he wasn’t there for school, he was a high school dropout. He hung around the school because he had nothing better to do. She was drawn in like a moth to a flame. She had no chance. He was a kid from the wrong side of the tracks. He was 17, I do believe. A year older than her. Everything about him screamed danger. His clothes, his hair, his attitude. They soon became close, too close. So close that she started skipping school to be with him. Her C - D average turned to plain F’s. Things…show more content…
Close to a full days trip. My mother cried yet she never told the truth. Even to this day. Jason was not as caring for her when she wasn’t there. A couple day later my Grandparents, Debbie and Lonny Spaulding, Sat at the fair. Watching there kids, Renea’s siblings, go on rides. My Grandmother had a bad back so she didn’t go on any rides, my Grandfather just couldn’t be bothered. Jason had come up walking with his brothers talking about how my mother was a whore and she was a bitch. He was completely disrespecting her, even after all she had done for him. His mouth was going faster and cruel words were thrown towards Renea. What he didn’t expect was my grandmother. Debby was a complete tom boy. She was tough and everyone new it, except Jason. She walked up to him “Listen, Jack ass, you talk about her like that again and you won’t have any front teeth, got it?” Jason wasn’t the brightest, drop out remember, he kept running his mouth. Debby, pulled her fist back and hit him straight in the face. My father was not the strongest. As blood came from his nose, he cried. I love to hear this story. I wanted him to hurt like he hurt my Mother. My beautiful, perfect mother. One day he WILL get what he deserves. Just keep

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