Lonnell's Short Story 'Jesus Paid It All'

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The last time I visited my friend, Lonnell I was praying on my way there and asking the Lord what I could say or do to encourage her. The thought entered my mind that I should sing to her. Now I can't say as I've ever done that before; gone to visit someone in the hospital and break out in song. However, I had a strong feeling about this the entire drive there so I thought maybe I should sing her favorite hymn since I knew she loved the old hymns. I don't know what her favorite is so I figure I'll ask her when I get there. I arrive at the hospital and ask, "What is your favorite hymn?". Without hesitation she answers, "Jesus Paid It All". I said, "Well I would like to sing it to you”. She replied, "That would it be nice" (she had never heard me sing). So I decided I'm going to stand up…show more content…
The thought crossed my mind that I am awfully loud (you can hear a pin drop on that floor). There was no noise at all and I'm singing loudly, "Jesus Paid It All". When I finished, Lonnell was really blessed by it. So I thought, well no one told me to shut up so I guess it was okay that I sang it where everyone on the floor could hear. I didn't give it much thought after that until I went to visit her yesterday. I reminded her that the last time I had visited her I sang to her and I may even sing to you again today. She couldn't communicate real well because her health had deteriorated. But there was a medical attendant in the room and she looked at me and said, "Are you the one who sang to her?". I smiled and said, “Yes. I'm sorry, I was probably rather loud.” She answered, "I want you to know something; I stood outside the doorway and cried while you sang that song. It was very moving, it really touched me. Thank you for singing it." I thanked her for telling me that story and I wish I had actually connected with her more afterward because you never know when you obey God's leading what He
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