Look But Risking Discrimination

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Marshall Cohen, in the article, “Going for the Look, but Risking Discrimination,” claims that hiring attractive college students will attract more clients. Cohen supports his claim by stating consumers will want to shop just to see the attractive employees. Cohen’s purpose is to convince the reader why hiring attractive employees is a good idea because it can make the retailer marketing increases. Cohen writes in a formal tone consumers. I disagree with Cohen because hiring only “good looking” people is discriminative, unfair, and unjustifiable.

There are many reasons why I disagree with the practice of hiring people based on their looks because it is discriminative. It is discrimination towards neither people who aren’t Caucasian nor “good looking”. It not right for those who have the work ability but are not simply hire just because they are unattractive. I have observed where some companies such as Hollister manger hire a person with the body of model and have the good looks and not someone who has
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People with good look have it easier because any company would hire them n matter what. Companies should pay attention and realize hiring someone with good looks can affect the environment surrounding them. I believe looks shouldn’t matter what matter is the person who is dedicated to their work. It not fair for someone who is unattractive because they are discriminated by their look but who knows maybe that unattractive person whom did not get hire can make a change to the company and increases the marketing. For example, I read an article stating that a company called Hurlock was almost to a bankrupt and many people decide to quit, so the company started hiring more people despite their race, height, weight, and etc. there were many unattractive employees and by hiring this unattractive male named John Smith their company
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