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Looking For Alaska follows 16yr old miles “Pudge“ halter in his first year at culver creek boarding school with his new found friends chip “the colonel “ martin and Takumi Hikohto. This book is so enjoyable because it involves things everyone can relate to. John understands the idea of a good laugh. He also writes from his own experience, so he knows what he is talking about and not unrealistic.
The universal theme makes looking For Alaska a captivating story of which almost everyone can relate to. For example being the new kid at school, as many of us have been before like Pudge halter at culver creek. He also talk about unrequited love, loving someone who does not love you back, as Pudge experiences for Alaska young as many others have also felt. And the unknown of suicide, which Pudge and his friends are guessing at.
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John green co-owns a YouTube channel with his brother called Vlog Brothers with many reviews stating that “This is funny from every perspective.”
Looking For Alaska is a very well written book. John Green has completed a double major in English and Religious studies which would certainly help with his writing especially since he already had passion and talent. He also writes about what interests him so he can go into more detail, and write about it more confidently.
In conclusion john green has written a marvellous book he has used the universal them so most can relate. It is hilarious, you won’t be able to put it down. It’s also so incredibly well written you could read again and again. I suggest that for all young adults this book is a must

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