Looking For Alaska Character Analysis

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Looking for Alaska by John Green is a non-fictional novel about a boy names Miles "Pudge" Halter. Miles leaves his home town behind to attend boarding school at Culver Creek Preparatory School. Here he meets his best friends the Colonel, Takumi, Lara, and the love of his life, Alaska Young. Although the group of friends have many fun times in the "before" half of the novel, they face a tragedy that they will have to live with for the rest of their life in the "after" and things will never be the same.

Looking for Alaska mostly takes place in Birmingham, Alabama, at Culver Creek and the time of the novel is modern time. Miles Halter is the main character in this novel. Miles is the protagonist and he is also a dynamic character. Miles is a dynamic character because after
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The antagonist of this novel is the car crash that killed Alaska. Alaska is a static character. She had a very flirty personality and was a very smart, yet, care free character. Takumi is a Flat Character. Although he is a part of the group of friends, we don’t really know much about his past. Finally, the Colonel is a dynamic character. After the accident he also faces some changes to his everyday life. He became determined to find out what had happened to Alaska, but, was very depressed because he was facing the loss his best friend.

In the beginning of the novel, Miles 's is at Culver Creek. It is his first year and he is very excited to have a new start away from home. Miles moves into his room and meets his roommate the Colonel. They quickly became friends, and soon the Colonel had introduced him to all his friends. Miles, Takumi, Alaska, Lara, and the Colonel were always together. Alaska was the girl that held the group together, and had always bonded with Pudge over books, but her all time favorite was The Labyrith. She loved how the book made you think, how the Labyrith related to your life, and to leave meant that your suffering ended. She told
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