Looking For America Quote Analysis

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Quote “She seemed so helpless with her soft yellow feathers, slender twiggy legs and small webbed feet. One small gust of wind and she would be blown away.” Pg. 73 Response I think that Adeline can relate to PLT. I’m sure that Adeline chose PLT cause she saw herself in her. She is considered bad luck and maybe she feels helpless. I think that she thinks that Aunt Baba is the only one that cares about her and that she wants PLT to think that about her. Quote “As soon as I said this, I felt scared and wanted to back out, but Wu Chun-mei was already jumping up and down with glee.” Pg.98 & 99 Response I feel really bad for Adeline. She probably doesn’t want to show how weak towards Niang she is. She also doesn’t want her friends to suspect anything bad is going on at home. I…show more content…
The fabric of my life was about to be torn apart. My heart felt heavy with the most excruciating pain. But he merely relooped the whip over his arm and walked out.” Pg. 104 Response The people seemed so cruel in those days. Why would they do that to her? Is she not allowed to be friends with anyone because that seems ridiculous. I don’t understand why they thought like that back then. Would anyone do that in this modern day era? Quote “I love my school. There I have friends! There I have fun! We sit together and discuss books and things. My friends respect me. My teachers like me.” Pg. 110 Response I think that Adeline feels safe at school. She is away from the terrors of her step mom and her father. I was happy when I read that she had some friends. When I read a book I have a tendency to get connected to the characters. It makes me feel good when something good happens to them. Quote “The stewardess asked me to fill out these cards. I’m afraid I’ve forgotten your Chinese name. Is it Jun-qing? A pang went through me. I meant so little to him, I was such a nobody, that he didn’t even remember my name!” Pg. 124
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