Looking Glass Wars Character Analysis

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In the Looking Glass Wars, Frank Beddor uses conflict to transform Alyss from a naïve, mischievous, and endearing little girl into and imaginative, disciplined, and confident young woman so that she can lead the Alyssians in an attack to defeat Redd and take back her Queendom. She is transforming herself from the once childish and mischievous girl she was to a new woman. After spending most of her life in a different world, Alyss must adapt back to the ways of Wonderland and defeat Redd and reclaim her queendom. In the beginning, Alyss was a naïve and mischievous little girl who became an orphan and had to adapt into a new lifestyle. After arriving in London, Alyss found herself associated with a band of orphans. Alyss wanted to help these orphans as much she could so she says to them, “‘ Stay hidden behind the carriage” she told the orphans, “‘and wait for my signal” as she plans to steal meat from the local butcher (Beddor 116). Alyss shows her mischievous characteristics when she lies to the…show more content…
Alyss has a powerful

imagination; she released a bolt of energy from her finger and swung Redd across the ballroom walls. Her imagination and confidence help her defeat Redd and become queen of Wonderland. After the Alyssians defeat Redd, the Lord of Spades tells Queen Alyss “‘Your victory fulfills our deepest hopes for the Queendom’” (349). Now that Alyss is the rightful queen of Wonderland, she has fulfilled the hopes and dreams of the Wonderlanders. To end with, In the Looking Glass Wars, Frank Beddor uses conflict to transform Alyss from the once naïve, mischievous and endearing little girl she was into an imaginative, confident, and very disciplined young woman. Through these conflicts he shows that she has the power to lead the Alyssians into battle and ultimately defeat Redd and reclaim her rightful
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