Looking In The Past: Rhetorical Analysis

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Looking in the Past Seeing this year pass by, makes me wonder how much I really accomplished. Wondering what if or what could of I’ve done to make it better would always come up my mind. Both reading and writing aren’t my cup of tea subjects, I really have trouble learning and processing how to really use certain techniques. Witnessing my transformation from the beginning when school started on August, to now ending the semester shows how much I’ve been improving. I look back at all the different forms I’ll be writing and how much advancement I’ve have come too. The way I was writing before and after has really upgraded. I would see my work before and after and now am really shocked to see how much I’ve changed. Starting from the very first days in the class doing pre-writing journals, then moving to bigger assignments like doing different essays like the Memoir and analyzing Rhetorical Analysis were a drastic change. Learning certain chapters and lessons my fellow classmates taught us really helped, for example learning…show more content…
My teacher really has my fellow classmates and myself ready for reality. She taught us everything we needed to know from the simplest to the most difficult techniques and has us prepared us for college. From the way she would teach us and also the way she treated us was an excellent way to show how the real life of a college student really does face on a daily bases. I’ll leave the class by having the prior knowledge of knowing what and how to write an argumentative essay and know how to simply justify the reading side and confront my face my fierce. This year taught me so much that I use certain techniques to help me in other subjects. I’m ready for college and ready to pass the TSI and be very glad that I went through so much stress to get to where I am right now. Hopefully by following all these steps will make me very successful on anything I want to be
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